Economic Sustainability

  • Support your locals! Architect, craftsmen … directly from Kalmthout
  • Disabled persons are welcome.
  • We support freelance and home office work.

Sociaal engagement

  • Good work-life balance
  • Participation in local business run
  • Trips
  • We support doctors without borders

Ecological sustainability

  • We place great importance on regional and seasonal foods
  • Fresh flower plantings
  • PET-free/ water treatment
  • Repacket – packaging reuse
  • Reuse is more sustainable than recycling – a second life for packaging

Environmental Policy

Quality - Mission

VDB International bv as a family business for over 25 years guarantees professionalism, the continuous pursuit of the highest quality, continuous technological innovation in the field of manufacturing personalized and customary safety signage according to all national and international standards and laws. Our printing machines not only deliver high quality, but also durability and the use of sustainable environmentally friendly inks and materials is our top priority.

We are constantly striving to advise and assist our national and international customers in the chemical and petrochemical industries as well as the offshore industry, hospitals, laboratories, because we too know that “TIME” is important for business and in life an important issue and a environmentally-saving factor..

The given trust of our customers is our success!

Environmental policy and vision

The management of VDB International considers concern for the environment to be a structural component within its business objectives and, by drawing up this “Environmental Policy Statement,” undertakes to continuously improve its environmental performance. Controlling environmental impact and reducing environmental risks is the responsibility of every VDB International employee. All employees are aware of this environmental policy and must perform their work in accordance with established procedures within this policy.

Our vision:

Our customers are our buyers, whom we would like to serve in a responsible, informative, enlightening manner and to provide high-quality, sustainable supplies with sustainability in mind. We continued this position from the start of our production in 2010, and we are pleased that higher standards have now been developed in this regard.

Our core values:

Trust, Correctness, Service, highest quality, sustainability, innovation and being entrepreneurial.

As a result of our vision, we strive to minimize the environmental impact in conducting our business and that safety and health of our customers, employees, suppliers and society in general are our focus.

To accomplish this, the board commits to the following:

  • Recognize the importance of the environment when business and commercial matters are involved;
  • Comply with environmental laws and regulations and other relevant requirements;
  • Inform all affected employees, hold them accountable for adhering to the policy, and make these

empower employees to remove barriers to continuous improvement in environmental performance

and take preventive measures;

  • Pre-assess new and changing methods, means and processes for environmental aspects;
  • Environment is seen as a primary responsibility of both management and also at all levels, with active and

visible management involvement in implementation is seen as an important prerequisite;

  • From now on there will be an annual review of environmental objectives achieved.